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About Us

Our Mission Statement

The Labor Law Group provides quality representation and consultation to ensure consistent, responsive, proactive and responsible services to our clients. Should our clients become involved in labor litigation whether by false accusation or otherwise, we provide immediate, aggressive and competent representation to sustain our client's good name, preserve financial resources and reduce or completely eliminate future costs as a result of "monkey see, money do" accusations.

You have just been sued for millions of dollars!

Wage and Hour Law

"Class action" lawsuits for labor law violations threaten large and small businesses around the nation. Wage and hour laws were enacted to protect employees against unfair practices by their employers. However, class-action lawsuits allow a single "representative" plaintiff (one employee) and their attorney to file a lawsuit against an employer on behalf of many other employees. In California, Business & Professions Code 17200 permits a "representative action" for "unfair competition," which creates added concerns for employers.

What would you do if you were served with a summons to respond within 30 days to a complaint that demands millions of dollars in damages? The first thing you would do is hire an attorney and the second is to begin writing a series of checks for thousands of dollars, just for the right to defend yourself.

There's only one sure fire way to protect yourself. Make sure you're in complete compliance with labor laws now, which will minimize your liability should you find yourself defending a multi-million dollar labor related lawsuit.

Defending Small Business

The Labor Law Group works with you now, before you're a defendant in a lawsuit, to correct deficiencies and enact company policies and procedures that reduce your liability and help demonstrate your compliance. We specialize in representing the small business owner, who is often overwhelmed by labor laws, requirements and its consequences when overlooked.

Large companies have Human Resources Departments, and spend millions of dollars a year in an effort to avoid costly labor disputes. The small business owner simply doesn't have the financial resources to maintain an in-house HR department. That's where we come in. We become your HR Department, interfacing with you and your employees to ensure compliance, while maximizing your productivity; all the while reducing your company's liability. Remember, all it takes is one disgruntled employee (or former employee) to force your company into defending itself. By taking all possible steps to comply with the law now, you will greatly reduce the possibility of an adverse result and definitely reduce your litigation costs.

Employer Errors

Employers often make innocent errors that result in wage and hour lawsuits by:

• Classifying workers as "employees" vs. "independent contractors"
• Classifying workers as "exempt" vs. "non-exempt"
• Misapplying state or federal overtime rules
• Failing to keep accurate time records
• Failing to provide meal or rest periods
• Failing to pay for travel time
• Failing to pay for preparation time
• Improper use of makeup (comp) time
• Improper alternative workweek schedules
• Payment of commissions

The laws that jeopardize your company are very complex and, as you can see from the list above, can involve issues that fall into seemingly grey areas. A mistake in any one of them could cost your company hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. Labor Code section 203 and 226.7 provide for harsh "waiting time" and "rest or meal periods" penalties, that often exceed any back wages!

The Labor Law Group offers an extremely cost effective program that begins with an audit of your existing employee policies and practices to root out any compliance issues. Once we have a clear picture of where your company stands today, we work closely with you to devise a Employee Handbook that takes into consideration your company's needs, within the constraints of the many labor laws.

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